Company Discovery

Now it’s time to focus on the company. We’ll assess your company’s current health, uncover it’s real root issues and get buy in from your leadership team on how to best move forward, all with one company-wide assessment.

The next phase is to discover the true issues that are holding back your company. Many CEOs solve the wrong problems, only fixing superficial issues without getting to the root cause. To help with understanding the true root problems at your company we’ll conduct a Company X-Ray. Every member of the senior leadership team will complete an assessment aimed at better understanding the company, how it works, and where it’s challenges lie.

We will take all that information and review it with the team in a full day, off-site meeting. We’ll discuss the results, dig into the issues and start solving the real root causes. Every member of the team will leave with a better understanding of not only what the company’s true obstacles are, but also how to start solving them.

This is the step in the process where our CEOs finally don’t feel alone anymore. The leadership team really starts understanding all the intricacies of running a business and start stepping up to help solve the issues that they can. Which brings us to our final step: making it all happen!