Stop the ups and downs of unpredictable business growth

Follow our 3 step process to go from hands on to hands off and consistently grow a self sustaining business.

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3 Steps to Go From Hands On to Hands Off

Through this 3 step process you will discover how to:

Solve Problems, Not Pause Them: Tackle issues head-on and wipe them out, no repeats.

Strengthen Communication: Create a solid system where everyone communicates clearly and owns their responsibilities.

Empower Your Team: Build a team that holds each other accountable to take charge and own their outcomes.

Hit Your Targets: Clearly define your goals and take the steps to actually achieve them.

Make Things Happen

CEOs and Owners of highly successful companies embrace a mindset of execution and accountability.

Set Your Direction

CEOs and Owners of highly successful companies set a clear vision for their company’s future.

Build A Dream Team

CEOs and Owners of highly successful companies get the Right People in the Right Seats.


  • Berkay Mollamustafaoğlu, OpsGenie
  • Eure Consulting helped us define exactly what the position would entail, as well as the qualities that we wanted in an ideal candidate. The assessments were a great tool for learning more about our candidates—and ourselves—and ultimately finding the perfect person for the job. Since filling the position, we have been able to focus our attention on other aspects of the business, as well as take a little time off—something we certainly had never been able to do before!

    Duane Cassis and Cindy Adams, Carpet Plus
  • Baron Schwartz, VividCortex

The Eures

Brad Eure

Brad Eure

Director of Business Development

    Brad learned business the hard way, through 30+ years of experience in the small and family business world. Now he's sharing what he learned with clients so that their companies don't have to reinvent the wheel. Learn more.

    Clay Eure

    Clay Eure

    Director of Client Success

      Clay's sole focus is to make sure that our clients successfully learn, adopt, and implement everything that we teach. She uses her expert facilitating and training skills to make sure every client engagement is a success. Learn more.

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