Case Studies

Read these case studies to learn how assessments helped in each of these very different industries.

Marketing Technology Company

Call Center

Hospitality Company

Communications Company


McDonald’s Franchise

Bird Removal Company

Physical Therapy Office

White Papers

15 Things That Set TTI Apart

Are You Ready to Train in the Fast Lane?

Using Big Data To Better Appreciate Cultural Differences

Uncovering Training Challenges with Brain Imaging

Words That Don’t Work

Peer Reviewed Papers

A Triad of Disposition Instruments Used in Secondary Science Education to Help Teachers Better Understand Self and Others

Application of Business Oriented Assessments to Improve Coach and Player Interactions: A Case Study

Creating, Educating and Assessing a New Class of Entrepreneurial Minded Engineers

Determining Personal Talents and Behavioral Styles of Applicants to Surgical Training: A New Look at an Old Problem, Part I

Determining Personal Talents and Behavioral Styles of Applicants to Surgical Training: A New Look at an Old Problem, Part II

Emerging Trends & Traits Shaping the Industry 4.0 Talent Pipeline

Environmental Impacts on GPA for Accelerated Schools: A Values and Behavioral Approach

Exploring the Assessment of Twenty-first Century Professional Competencies of Undergraduate Students in Environmental Studies Through a Business-Academic Partnership

Frontal Gamma Asymmetry in Response to Soft Skills Stimuli: A Pilot Study

The Future of Alliance Management

Impact of Behavioral Factors on GPA for Gifted and Talented Students

Lowering the Walls and Crossing Boundaries: Applications of Experiential Learning to Teaching Collaboration

Mapping the Behaviors, Motives and Professional Competencies of Entrepreneurially Minded Engineers in Theory and Practice: An Empirical Investigation

Neurocounseling: Bridging Brain and Behavior

Predicting Academic Performance in Surgical Training

Predictors of Success For Gifted and Talented Schools: An Attitude, Interest, Values and Behavioral Approach

Response Process Validation Protocol Using Neurophenomological Gamma Asymmetry

Toward an Operational Model of Decision Making, Emotional Regulation, and Mental Health Impact

Uncovering The Belief Behind The Action

The Value of EEG-Based Electromagnetic Tomographic Analysis in Human Performance and Mental Health

What Distinguishes the Top Sale Performers in Seniors Housing?

Reliability Studies

Style Insights Reliability Study

Motivation Insights Reliability Study

Talent Insights Reliability Study

Technical Reports

Behaviors Technical Report

Motivators Technical Report

Technical Report Compendium