What Our Clients Are Saying

Kathy Mika, Managing Partner, Pediatric Associates of Charlottesville:

“Your guidance in every step of the recruitment process was exceptional. We were thoroughly unfamiliar Logowith recruiting an executive administrator, and your leadership in helping us frame and refine our goals, detail the job defined and identify the personality traits which would be optimal in our candidate was everything we could have hoped for and did not know we needed.

We are VERY appreciative of the resources you used in advertising, and culling the candidates, vetting their references and offering us a synopsis of the final candidates’ strengths and potential weaknesses. Your leadership in the interview process was masterful and subtle.  I would hire Eure Consulting again in a heartbeat, if I needed to hire another executive administrator.  Happily, I do not, but I am happy to offer references to future clients.  Your expertise made a challenging process relatively painless. Thank you.

It was a pleasure working with you.”



Doug Croker, Chairman, Ilex Construction:

“Brad and Clay Eure are valued partners in Ilex’s ongoing efforts to develop clarity ILEXaround roles, responsibilities, and accountability. They help us focus on how we communicate with our clients and our fellow team members. Our business is built around our values and Eure Consulting plays an important role in support of our value based management strategy.”



Cindy Adams and Duane Cassis, Owners, Carpet Plus:CARP_finallogo_2C_REV

“We hired Brad to help us with our search for a General Manager because we weren’t quite sure what we were looking for. Brad helped us define exactly what the position would entail, as well as the qualities that we wanted in an ideal candidate. The Assessments were a great tool for learning more about our candidates—and ourselves—and ultimately finding the perfect person for the job. Since filling the position, we have been able to focus our attention on other aspects of the business, as well as take a little time off—something we certainly had never been able to do before!”



Ben Davis, Sales Director, Craig Builders:

“We couldn’t be happier with the hiring process that Eure Consulting helped us CRAIGdevelop and implement at Craig Builders. The addition of assessment testing has taken our hiring process, as well as how we manage those that are ultimately hired, to the next level.  The majority of the hiring decisions that I’ve been responsible for have been for sales professionals in the new home sales industry. Not all sales people are the same and their success can vary from industry to industry. One of the key steps that Brad was able to facilitate was how to identify the type of sales professional that would best fit our product, system, and culture. I have been impressed with the feedback regarding the results from each candidate after taking the assessment. Each of the candidates that we’ve hired have expressed how surprised they were at the accuracy of the results. We recognize that making the wrong hiring decision can cost money and time, I believe that with the help of Eure Consulting we’ve drastically improved our odds of making the right choice every time.”



Josh Goldschmidt, Director of Sales and Marketing, Eagle Construction of Virginia:

“Working with Brad, and now Clay, at Eure Consulting has helped us be able to select people with a consistent repeatable recruiting/selection/hiring process.  The process gives us the confidence in our current markets, as well as new geographic markets, to hire people with a lot more certainty as to company fit and performance outcomes.”