Entrepreneur Skills

You Are Not Alone: The Skills Most Entrepreneurs Lack

In a study completed by TTI Success Insights, a supplier to Eure Consulting, the late Bill J. Bonnstetter found that while serial entrepreneurs have a specific set of skills that are more developed than in non-entrepreneurs, they also lack a specific set of skills that are more developed in the average working adult. The study … Continue Reading

Decision Making

Improve Your Decision Making Process and Increase Your Bottom Line

Did you know that 91% of business leaders are confident as ever in their ability to make good decisions? Did you also know that 60% of those decisions fail? By using a disciplined approach to making decisions, you and your team can improve your bottom line. Here are the four proven rules to clear thinking, … Continue Reading

Fine Tune Your Focus During COVID

Fine Tune Your Focus During COVID

Throughout this pandemic, it’s been easy for business owners to lose their focus. It doesn’t mean you don’t know what to do, you’ve simply been overwhelmed, overloaded and overly frustrated. All normal reactions to a global crisis. But as we’ve said before, COVID is not an excuse for letting your business stall out. There are … Continue Reading

Appreciating Others

Appreciating Others: An Important COVID Skill

This week we’re looking at a competency that you’re probably overlooking currently: Appreciating Others. Appreciating Others, as the name would suggest, is all about focus on others, specifically identifying with and caring about others. Those who are skilled at Appreciating Others are great at making people feel truly seen and heard. They take the time … Continue Reading

Futuristic Thinking

Futuristic Thinking: An Important COVID Skill

This week we’re going back in our blog archives to highlight a skill that has become more important than ever during the roller coaster that is the COVID pandemic: Futuristic Thinking. We define Futuristic Thinking as imagining, envisioning, projecting, and/or creating what has not yet been actualized. All it boils down to is your ability … Continue Reading

Get Away From the Office

Get Away From the Office

The past few months have been an overwhelmingly stressful time for everyone. People have been dealing with a host of different issues from adjusting to working from home to wondering if they’ll even have a job to work from home tomorrow. And you as a leader have worried about these things for yourself as well … Continue Reading