PSE Method Annual Meeting

Resetting at the Annual Meeting

Last month we talked about the first Quarterly Meeting, which starts the quarterly cadence of meeting every 90 days instead of every 30. Next up we’ll discuss the Annual Meeting. You’ll have three Quarterly Meetings and then Your Annual Meeting. Ninety days after your third Quarterly Meeting, we’ll meet for your Annual Meeting. This Annual … Continue Reading

Profit Zone

Zeroing In On Your Profit Zone

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Competencies programming to introduce you to a new program we’re offering. It’s called the Profit Zone. In most organizations, less than 10 percent of the staff really understand how the company makes and keeps money. Employees choose to be employees and not entrepreneurs because they want the certainty of a … Continue Reading

What’s It Like to Work With Eure Consulting?

CEOs hire us to help them solve their people problems and organizational issues so they can work on their business and not just in their business. We show CEOs how to get what they want from their business by helping them identify and solve the different day – same problem bottlenecks that stifle growth. No one starts a company … Continue Reading

Career Development

Why Employees Really Leave: Career Development Opportunities

This is the second blog in a series of five. In January I heard a keynote by Jamie Taets of Keystone Group International about going “beyond the paycheck.” Her talk focused on helping us, as leaders in our organizations, understand that paying people well is not enough. To retain top talent, we need to do … Continue Reading