Difficult Conversations Managers

7 Reasons Your Managers Aren’t Having Tough Conversations

Have you noticed that your managers are reluctant to have those tough, but necessary, conversations with their employees? When those conversations are had, do they tend not to be as direct as they could be? Do the employees not hear what was intended? Do managers simply “Hint and Hope” that their employees will eventually get the message?

Good communication is essential to creating a high performance organization. If your managers cannot or will not be direct and clear in their communications with their staff you cannot hope to maximize your talent and your resources.

Here are 7 possible causes of poor manager feedback and communications:

  1. Roles are not clearly defined. There is no standard or expectation against which to measure and give feedback.
  1. Roles are clearly defined but the success indicators have not been communicated.
  1. Regular 1:1 meetings between the manager and the employee are not held.
  1. Managers are not trained on how to deliver feedback.
  1. Managers are not supported.
  1. A culture of merit does not exist. There are no consequences for either superior or inferior performance.
  1. Your manager(s) are not a fit for their role.

If you believe any of these 7 issues are holding your company back from being as effective and successful as possible, give us a call today. We’ve created a feedback structure that will help your managers hold their staff members accountable in a manner that creates both engagement and growth for the team member.

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