Real Issues Not Symptoms

Are You Focusing on the Real Issues?

Last week we talked about the 27 Challenges that businesses face. The hardest part of any problem that arises in the workplace is finding the root of the issue. It is incumbent upon you, as a manager, to find out where the true problem lies. Most managers jump straight to blaming people. However, if you’ve clearly communicated expectations, trained well and hired properly, it’s usually not a People problem.

Focusing on the Real Issues

The Three Gates of Focus (Profit, People and Process) from the Stages of Growth model help you focus your attention to where the issue really resides, not just where you think it should be. This way you stop spinning your wheels trying to solve a problem by fixing the wrong thing. Actually finding and solving the root issue, allows your business move past that problem, and ensures that it never rears its ugly head again.

Take a few minutes to really think about your company’s most pressing issue. To which Gate does it belong? Are you sure? Could you see it belonging it one of the other two Gates?

Join us next week when we discuss Builders and Protectors.



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