PSE Method People Strategy Execution

Getting to Know PSE Day 3

Last month we talked about PSE Day 2 which introduced the Strategy and People legs of our three-legged People-Strategy-Execution stool. This month we’re going to dive into PSE Day 3, which continues that focus. We’ll start with a review and discussion of PSE Day 1 and Day 2 work. We’ll review each tool and answer … Continue Reading

successful business system

Introducing the PSE Method

Starting this month our blog will be focusing on introducing our newest program, the PSE Method. The PSE (People, Strategy, Execution) Method is a proven system and structure that helps companies run in a more profitable and predictable way. It exists to help you and your company run more effectively and to remove you from … Continue Reading

Profit Zone

10 Benefits of the Profit Zone Program

I’ve introduced our new Profit Zone Program to you over the past couple of blogs. It is a program designed to help everyone in your organization better understand the financial workings of your company. After going through the program everyone will be financially literate. And each employee will know how their role impacts the company’s … Continue Reading

Profit Zone

Zeroing In On Your Profit Zone

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Competencies programming to introduce you to a new program we’re offering. It’s called the Profit Zone. In most organizations, less than 10 percent of the staff really understand how the company makes and keeps money. Employees choose to be employees and not entrepreneurs because they want the certainty of a … Continue Reading

Problem Solving

Making Problems Disappear Forever

This is the nineteenth installment in our 25-week series exploring the 25 competencies, or soft skills, that our assessments measure. Each week we’ll give you the definition of that competency, explain its value, and give you tips to help you develop it. This week: Problem Solving. Problem Solving is defining, analyzing, and diagnosing key components … Continue Reading