Small Business Growth

Builders vs Protectors: Do You Have the Right Ratio?

Every Stage of Growth has an ideal ratio of Builders to Protectors. Builders are those that are focused on creating new ideas, taking on new initiatives and finding new ways to expand revenue and profits. They challenge the way things are done and are very risk-tolerant. Protectors, on the other hand, are cautious, risk-adverse and may not feel confident in the company’s financial strength. Protectors are the ones that make sure the company has taken care of all the steps in one process before moving on to the next.

Some of you may be thinking: “Protectors sound horrible, we don’t want any of those.” In fact, they are extremely necessary. Without Protectors, Builders would run wild and the company would run out of money or resources before it even really had a chance to get off the ground. Protectors do just what their name suggests, they protect the company. From failing, from lawsuits, from bankruptcy. They check and double check the numbers and the paperwork and all the minutia that Builders could care less about. But too many Protectors is also bad. The company would never move forward. It would stall out right where it is.

The key is finding the right ratio of Builders and Protectors for your company. You need to keep the company moving forward without being reckless about it. Have you been intentional about your Builder/Protector ratio? How could it benefit you and the company if you were?

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