Flood Zones – Stop Drowning

Does it ever feel like you’re just drowning in work? Are you and your employees struggling just to keep up with the influx of projects? Then you might be in a flood zone.

Flood zones are a natural part of a company’s growth. They occur when there is a large enough influx of work that the existing staff can never seem to keep up with. It is a good thing, as it means the company is growing, but it can be a real depressor of staff morale. Employees may start to feel overwhelmed, burnt out and taken advantage of.

Most company’s first instinct is to simply hire more people to handle the increased workload. This might provide temporary relief for your staff, but it can cause major long term damage if not executed properly. With more people, comes more complexity and if not planned intentionally, that quick growth of employee count can cause culture, engagement and productivity issues.

Flood zones bring a lot of anxiety and stress with them when they hit a company and it’s a natural reaction to want to alleviate the problem fast. And while hiring a warm body will take the pressure off you today, if you don’t take the time to hire the right people for the right roles, you’ll be shooting your future self in the foot.

The better way to deal with a flood zone is to get out ahead of it. Look for the signs of increased work and start hiring before the first wave comes. Taking the time today to understand what areas of your company will need reinforcements in six or twelve months can help you stay ahead of the hiring curve and save your employees from drowning. Flood zones are unavoidable, but you can be better prepared if you are intentional and proactive about your staffing needs.

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