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Hidden Obstacles to Growth

Every company faces challenges on a daily basis. Some of these challenges are easily identified and some are not. The hidden challenges, the one’s you can’t quite put a name to, are holding your business back. Hidden challenges affect different areas of your organization and may even manifest themselves as a completely different obstacle. These are the issues that are keeping your company from growing in a healthy and sustainable way. The only way to move forward and continue to grow is to uncover these challenges. You’ve got to name them and claim them!

Our Stages of Growth X-Ray, an organizational strategic alignment tool (see last week’s post for more details), uncovers, and puts a name to, the challenges your company is facing every day. Stages of Growth condenses the hundreds of different issues that a company can come across into 27 easily defined challenges and based on studies of 650 different successful organizations, defines the Top 5 Challenges that companies of a certain size will most likely face. During the Stages of Growth process, you and your Senior Leadership Team will pick the Top 5 Challenges that are plaguing your company, you’ll name them, claim them and develop action steps to resolve them.

Take a look at our 27 Challenges one sheet (below) and see if you can pick out the Top 5 Challenges your company is facing right now. Which ones have you already conquered? Which ones do you think will arise in the next 12 -18 months? Feel free to contact Eure Consulting if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the Stages of Growth Model and stay tuned for next weeks post about the Three Gates of Focus.


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