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Introducing the PSE Method

Starting this month our blog will be focusing on introducing our newest program, the PSE Method. The PSE (People, Strategy, Execution) Method is a proven system and structure that helps companies run in a more profitable and predictable way. It exists to help you and your company run more effectively and to remove you from the hub of the wheel.

If you have ever felt stuck, frustrated, or discouraged by your company’s lack of growth, the PSE Method is for you. It helps you redesign your company in a way that ensures that it can run effectively and efficiently, even if you’re not there.

You don’t own a company to be the hub of the wheel. And if everything has to run through you before it can get done, you’re doing yourself and your employees a disservice. The PSE Method will teach you how to run your company with more accountability, more communication, and more success.

The PSE Method looks at every company as a three-legged stool. All three legs of the stool need to be strong in order for your company to flourish.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the legs.


When we strengthen the People leg of the stool we make sure that you have the Right People in the Right Seats. Meaning that people are well suited to what they’re doing. And they are well suited to the company, in terms of what they value, what their goals are in life.

Right People are the people that naturally understand and connect with your company. Those that live and breathe your core values. They exemplify the attitudes and approaches that you want all of your employees to show. They add to your culture and make your company a better place by their presence.

Right Seats means that those Right People are in the right seat for their individual strengths and skillsets. They are set up for success because they know what you expect of them and they know how to get it done. Not only do they know how to do the job, but they are also naturally suited to doing it. Right Seats ensures that everyone is in a role that they have a chance to be stellar in. It gives them the opportunity to shine and to make a difference for your company.

Having the right people in the right seats sets your company up for exponential growth. But you can’t have one without the other. You must have both to truly see the benefits.


Strengthening the Strategy leg is all about clarity and alignment. Everyone at your company needs to be on the same page about who you are, where you’re going, and how you’re going to get there. So that you’re all moving in the right direction and rowing together towards those goals.

For this leg, the PSE Method uses a tool called the PSE One Page. It collects all the important information about your company in one document so that everyone can see it.

The One Page starts by defining your Core Values, Core Purpose, and Core Competence. These three definitions create who you are as a company. Your Core Values tell everyone how you expect every employee to work. Your Core Purpose tells everyone why your company exists. Core Competence tells everyone what you’re best at.

The One Page also includes your BHAG, 3 Year Goals, 1 Year Goals, and Quarterly Rocks. These four areas help everyone in your company know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. It starts with your BHAG, Big Hairy Audacious Goal. This is your long term goal for the company. And then it moves you all the way down to what you need to do this quarter to move you towards that goal.

The One Page then helps you define Ideal Client and Value Proposition to clarify who it is that your company serves and what it is that you do for them.

Lastly, the One Page includes your Long Term Parking Lot. This is an ongoing list of all the problems your company is facing. Keeping them parked in the Parking Lot ensures that you don’t forget about them but it frees up space in your mind to focus on more pressing matters.


The Execution leg is where the rubber meets the road. We have found that this tends to be the weakest leg for most companies. They may have great plans and great people, but they don’t know how to put both to work effectively.

The key to Execution is accountability. So we’ll help you implement a meeting cadence and an accountability structure that keeps your company moving forward and reaching your goals.

This meeting cadence will make sure that your company is staying focused on your most important priorities week in and week out. So that you are consistently meeting and exceeding your goals. Every week you’ll be reviewing progress on everyone’s Quarterly Rocks and weekly To Dos. This is where the true accountability of the PSE Method comes in.

After the progress updates, you’ll spend the rest of these weekly meetings problem solving. PSE teaches you a specific problem solving process that makes sure you solve the most pressing problems your team is facing every week. This removes obstacles and keeps your momentum moving forward so you can be sure your team will meet their goals. 

Why PSE?

Strengthening each leg of the stool is imperative to getting your company running smoothly, with or without your presence. Your company will no longer need you to have your hand in every pie in order to operate effectively.

After implementing the PSE Method, you will have unparalleled levels of clarity in your company. And you will have built a communication and accountability system right into the fabric of your company. Everyone will know where you want to take the company and what they need to do to help you get there.

If you want to get more from your company and stop feeling stuck, then PSE is for you. Give us a call today to learn more.

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