Leadership Puddin’: Creating the Sweet Spot Between Firm and Fair

Virginia has the highest percentage of personalized license plates per motor vehicle in the country. Roughly 16% of drivers in our state have a personalized plate. To pass the time while driving I like to figure out what message is being conveyed in the six or seven characters offered. I caught a glimpse of a passing car the other day with PUDDIN on the license plate. And my mind jumped immediately to management puddin’ and leadership puddin’.

Leading a company is a lot like making pudding. Not the instant stuff we have today but the puddings of old. Making those traditional British dessert puddings was far from an exact science. Think of the angst Mrs. Cratchit must be feeling at the end of A Christmas Carol when her pudding is being served after hours of preparation. While the recipe was standard, the ingredients (no refrigeration, no grocery stores) and the oven were anything but standard. The proof was in the eating.

High engagement at your organization is the proof of your Leadership Puddin’. You must be able to be firm and fair and while there is a recipe (tons of different ones in fact, just search management or leadership books on Amazon), it certainly is not an exact science. You must create a culture of accountability and, at the same time, give autonomy to your team. It is a very fine balance that, when done correctly, creates a strong, profitable company. A visible representation of all the effort and hours you’ve put in to it. Just like Mrs. Cratchit’s Christmas pudding.

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