Communication Leadership

Mind The Gap

Leaders in a company slowly start to move farther and farther away from front line employees as a company grows. This can create a gap in the communication between the two groups. What once was easy, because you interacted with every employee every day, now has to become an intentional exercise.

Without addressing this breakdown in communication, a company can grind to a halt. People start to point fingers and place blame. They argue more than they collaborate and conflict and tension rule the day.

As the CEO, it is your job to make sure that information is easily shared and digested. This sharing can take many forms, but the easiest way to accomplish it is through regular one-on-one meetings.

Managers should be meeting with their direct reports at least monthly, preferably weekly. And they shouldn’t just discuss current work. Managers need to be sure to share information about any upcoming changes at the company, any new projects on the horizon, or any opportunities for development. They also need to take the time to listen to their employees. Information sharing is a two way street and managers need to be open to hearing feedback and suggestions from their employees. They should also take the time to understand what the employee is most proud of in their work. Not only does this give the manager a better understanding of the type of work that the employee enjoys, it also gives the employee an opportunity to share their personal value proposition. They will feel more accomplished and more tied to the company’s success. A growing company means growing complexity, especially in how information gets disseminated. Be intentional about how you communicate so that your employees can stay engaged and productive.

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