Same Problem Different Day

Same Problem, Different Day?

Clients often ask if, with our other clients, we see the same issues that they are experiencing. The answer is yes, we do.

The most common complaint we hear from clients is that no one at their company seems to “get it.” They’ve helped their employees solve a problem “a thousand times,” yet it keeps popping back up. In practically every case, the reality is that those thousand re-explanations address only superficial issues. They haven’t identified and solved the real issue that’s at the root of the problem.

There is no reason to keep struggling with superficial issues. It leads nowhere.

To solve the real challenges, not just their symptoms, we show clients how to use the People, Process, Profit method. Next time you have that same-problem/different-day feeling, stop and ask yourself: “Is the problem caused by a People, Process, or Profit issue?” Then, take the time to really dig into the issue and understand it thoroughly.

Here’s an example. Your ratings have been coming in consistently lower than usual on customer service surveys. You might hastily conclude that it’s a people problem because maybe your newest customer service staff members haven’t been trained well enough. However, it could also be that the process by which your staff responds to complaints is too slow or too robotic. Or it might be a product (Profit) issue that is generating more calls than usual, which results in longer wait times for callers.

If you don’t take the time to truly understand the issue, you could be trying to solve a problem that isn’t really there. Explore each area – People, Process and Profit – until you find the real culprit.

Lead with Intention. Identify the real issue and don’t assume you know what it is.

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