Small Business Growth

Stages of Growth

The Stages of Growth Process will:

  1. Identify your company’s current, most-pressing issues.
  2. Provide the staff with a language to better understand and discuss growth as well as the issues that accompany it.
  3. Create alignment and commitment with the staff to address the issues as discovered.

But what is Stages of Growth? It is a growth model for companies of 500 or fewer employees that was created based on the research of James Fischer. He studied 650 successful organizations over 6 years in order to uncover and define the patterns of growth for entrepreneurial businesses. Fischer has broken out enterprise growth into 7 different stages, each based on the number of employees a company has. Each stage requires focus on different areas, faces different challenges and has different rules that must be followed.

Stages of Growth

When your company completes our Stages of Growth X-Ray you will learn not only what issues you are facing right now, but also, based on the research of other companies your size, what to expect in the months to come. You will create alignment within your leadership team of where you want to go and how to get there. Most importantly, however, you will learn how to grow your business in an efficient and sustainable way.

Stay tuned for more posts about the specific elements of Stages of Growth, starting with 27 Challenges next week.



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