Dominant CEO Stepping Up

Stepping Up

When a company is in crisis, due to factors outside their control, the CEO’s presence (or lack thereof) will define how that company manages through that crisis.

Understanding how your presence affects those around you is perhaps one of the more difficult aspects of being a CEO. However, it’s also a critical part of self-awareness and once understood, can tell you a lot about what might be creating obstacles to your company’s ability to grow.

As the CEO your presence within the company can either be Dominant, Facilitative or Supportive. It’s the manner or modality in which you react to situations that can directly or indirectly affect and/or influence outcomes.

It’s important that you understand what presence you are bringing to the company, and recognize that your presence is a conscious decision that you assert, not only each and every day, but especially in times where your leadership is critical to the ongoing success of the company. And right now it is critical that you as the CEO are bringing a Dominant presence to the company.

How does the Dominant presence show up in times of crisis?

1.    The leader recognizes that certain information has to be communicated effectively and consistently to create confidence in the health of the company.
2.    The leader recognizes that people are looking to them for direction and that the leader creates a presence that helps people feel comfortable and safe.
3.    The leader takes the time needed to create conversations, share critical information and create action plans that involve everyone in the company.

A leader must always be prepared for the unexpected. And you must always be prepared to respond in times of crisis. Step up and reassure your company that you have everything under control. You don’t have to have all the answers, but you have to be in control.

This week’s blog written in part by Laurie Taylor of Flashpoint.

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