Training vs Development

The Difference Between Training And Development

For the majority of people the words Training & Development tend to go hand in hand. This can be a good thing, as it shows an equal emphasis on both parts, but it can also be misleading. Always pairing the two together implies that they are the same thing, when in reality, they are quite different.

Training is the “have-to” part. If you don’t train an employee to use a certain piece of equipment, they won’t be able to their job. Training sticks to the basics, what does the employee absolutely have to be able to do, on the simplest level, in order to do their job. It is a very vital part of onboarding and change management, but it is not Development.

Development takes training to the next level. Where does this employee want to go in their career? How do they want to grow and improve as an individual and as an employee? Development requires getting to know the employee on a more personal level and to understand what interests they have and what their goals in life are.

Continuous learning and development is a non-negotiable. If your company is only focused on training, giving employees the bare minimum skills they need to perform, then you also probably have high turnover. Employees are no longer willing to stay with an organization that isn’t investing in them. By providing the time, resources, and opportunities for your employees to grow the skills that they are interested in and in the areas that they have a passion for, you’re showing that you really do care about them as an individual. Which leads them to be more engaged and more loyal to your company. Not to mention they get better at their jobs. It’s a win-win.

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