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We’re excited to announce that Brad has been asked to speak at a VCF Presents event in Richmond, Virginia on May 29th. He will be speaking about our Stages of Growth Model, focusing on the critical changes that accompany entrepreneurial growth. You ca see the full event synopsis below.



Small Businesses: Critical Changes with Growth

Small businesses are prevalent in every community, and whether you are a business owner, work for a small business, or provide banking or some other service to a small business, this VCF Presents will help you understand how small businesses must change with growth.

Brad Eure of Eure Consulting, will be our featured speaker at the upcoming VCF Presents event on May 29th. He will be addressing the following topics regarding Small Business Growth:

  1. Learn how small businesses evolve, change and become more complex as they grow.
  1. Understand how a company needs to change as it grows.
  1. Based on the research with 650 successful companies with fewer than 500 employees, understand what issues a business should be addressing today based on its size in order to reduce the forces that impede growth.
  1. Understand how the CEO must change as the enterprise grows.
  1. Understand what forces a business will need to address in the future.
  1. Develop a language for dealing with growth.
  1. Leave knowing at least one challenge you or your client needs to solve today.





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