Staff Buy In Employee Engagement

Engaging and Energizing Your Staff

As a company grows, staff buy in weakens. Employees that have been with the company from the beginning start to feel stifled by newly created rules and regulations and they have less access to the CEO/owner. Newly hired employees have a hard time connecting with the original passion of the company. You, the CEO, have to take steps to reengage both of these groups or your company’s productivity will plummet.

The biggest cause of low employee engagement is the inability for them to connect to the bigger picture. Why does what I do matter? Help create a “line of sight” for each employee, showing them exactly how their day-to-day affects the company’s success.

You need to take the time to define roles so that each employee knows what value they are bringing to the company every day. When their responsibilities are written in black and white it helps them see just how much they are doing and how their work fits into the larger company overall. Employees who can clearly see their connection to that big picture are more engaged and passionate about what they’re doing.

Your managers should be meeting with their direct reports on a regular basis to check in, ask how their work is going, and brainstorm ways in which they can continue to grow with the company. Help them find opportunities for development within the company, such as learning a new software or taking a class on customer service. Everyone wants to grow and improve, help them see how they can do that while also helping the company grow and improve. Employees want to feel that they are making a difference. Help them see how their efforts are helping the company get better every day and they will be raving fans.

If you’d like to be more intentional about your company’s growth, we can send you a workbook that addresses the most pressing issues a company of your size faces. Just register here to let us know the size of your company.

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