Management Lessons from Brexit

Lessons From the Brexit

What can we learn from the potential Brexit (Britain’s exit from the EU) on creating and improving High Performing Teams? Values and Beliefs must match.

Margaret Thatcher knew the EU was doomed from the beginning because the beliefs and values among the members were just too different. Things were great for a long time, but now that Europe is struggling economically, the accord is starting to fray.

The same can be said for teams. Teams that do not have a common set of values and beliefs may appear to be solid when times are good, but quickly become dysfunctional as things get difficult. When things are going well they seem to work together efficiently and effectively, but when the storm arrives they lose their way. Because they don’t truly understand their common direction and team values, they begin to stop supporting each other and focus only on their personal results.

Teams that do have the same beliefs and values naturally build trust with each other. Because they know that they all view the same things as important, the team members rely on each other, they challenge each other, they share common goals and work to see them accomplished, no matter what the conditions.

Since the EU is made up of many different countries, with many varied values, beliefs and cultures, it’s easy to see how they have not built up the necessary level of trust to weather the tough times together. What is the trust level like in your organization? How does your staff respond to challenges? With unity? Or with finger pointing?

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