Systems Turnover

Unlike Staff Turnover, Systems Turnover is something that needs to be embraced. Leaders need to understand that systems and processes cannot remain stagnant as their company grows. What worked for a company of 10 people will not still work for a company of 50. And what worked for a company of 50 will not work for a company of 100. Everything from how you communicate, to the phone system, to your CRM, to the way you write memos needs to get adjusted as the organization gets more complex.

Outdated systems can very easily slow down a company and most likely, you’ll simply think it’s a people issue. If, for instance, your customers are complaining that they are not hearing back from Customer Service in a timely manner, you may assume that you need more Customer Service Reps to handle the inquiry load. In reality, it may be that you have the right number of Reps, but the process they follow or the system they use may be the issue.

As a company grows in size and employee count, it also grows in complexity. If you haven’t taken the time to improve and grow your systems as well, the company will struggle even more than it did with fewer employees. The infrastructure has to be built to handle the increased number of employees and complexity, and that only comes when the right systems and processes are in place.

A great first step to start implementing the right systems is simply to ask your employees what is working and what isn’t. Challenge everyone in the company to find at least one process that is slowing down their work. The people that are working with these systems every day are well aware of their flaws, you just have to make sure they’re comfortable sharing their thoughts with you.

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