Improving Retention

Two Simple Steps to Improve Retention

Losing employees is inevitable. Some leave you. Some you ask to leave. No matter why someone leaves, it costs you. Time, money, morale, opportunities, customers, knowledge, etc. Even when someone is not performing their job well, or their attitude is poor, and they need to go, it still costs you.

To cut down on turnover, meaning in order to keep the people that you want and need, remember two basic things about your teammates: They are people first and they want to be challenged.

Employees are people first and as such, should be treated like human beings. Seems simple enough, but we often get focused on the tasks and not the people. Something as simple as asking someone how their weekend was can go a long way towards building a relationship and creating a bond. If your employees are more connected to you and to each other they are less likely to leave. Show you care.

Employees want to grow and improve. Make sure your teammates are being challenged. Understand their goals, wants, needs and desires. Create a career ladder for everyone. Help them see how and where to improve in their professional roles. Maybe you don’t have a lot of upward mobility at your company, but you can still find different ways to help employees grow that doesn’t necessarily bring a new title.

The bottom line is that your workplace culture can no longer be an accident. You need to intentionally engage your staff and make sure they are happy with their work lives. This is something that requires your time and attention. Start today or you could lose your best talent tomorrow.

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